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Six Steps to Actualizing Dream Projects

Six Steps to Actualizing Dream Projects

Most of us have a dream project, maybe more than one. All too often we don’t bring those dreams—large or small—to fruition. From my own experience, I’ve found it helpful to keep these six steps in mind in actualizing dream projects. Think D-E-S-I-G-N.


Allow yourself the freedom to sketch out a draft of your dream project in your head and on paper. Don’t let practicality inhibit you in the beginning. Live for a while within the dimensions of what your ideal project would look like if fully realized.


Once you’ve allowed the vision of your dream to take full shape, now take time to look at it with a builder’s practicality. Engineering your project begins with understanding the structure you’ll need to make it happen. Whether you’re starting a business or writing a novel, smaller goals will enable larger ones. And, of course, look for errors in the logic of your plan. You may need to let go of a favorite feature, at least at first.


The wise adventurer has someone rooting for them. They also have a trusted someone who acts as a second set of eyes to take a look at their plans and offer thoughtful and needed advice. These people don’t try to change your dream to fit their standards. They try to help you make your dream the sturdiest, smartest version of itself.


Before finally launching your project, be willing to ask tough questions of yourself, all the while trusting that your dream is hale and hardy enough to take it. Do so with Integrity, Insight and Intentionality.  Integrity means being honest with yourself. Insight means applying all the wisdom of what you’ve already learned in life to this new project. In short, be optimistic, not willfully blind. Intentionality means you ask your questions with the intent to do what’s needed to make this happen. All dreams evolve. Let your dream change into what it needs to be.


When you’ve done your due diligence and made the hard choices you know were necessary, go for it. Know that there will be an anxious period of time when you’ve left familiar territory and haven’t yet reached your hoped for destination—when you feel like you’re flying through the air without a safety net. Greet the uneasy gulf that opens up beneath you as a necessary part of your journey. Whatever happens (success is never guaranteed and yet it just became more likely), be proud that you’re doing.


You’ve launched your dream project, now be sure to navigate it. There will be a lot that is new and exciting—and a good deal that feels daunting. Act in the now. Learn from facing challenges head on to be more proactive in the future. Celebrate small successes. You’ve paid the price of admission to this new adventure. Allow yourself to enjoy the ride.

Mark Carlson-Ghost

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