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What’s your story?

Our stories remind us and those around us who we are. “Changing your story” often becomes a necessary part of growth. If our stories define us, re-visioning our personal narratives provides us with opportunities to tell a new story that better fits present day demands and enables more satisfying possibilities.

This is a website about crafting new histories, large and small. If our personal stories reveal our values, our mythic stories and pop culture narratives do the same on a much larger stage. And what is history but a constantly shifting story of key moments in our collective story.

By regularly visiting this site you’ll find:

* Helpful suggestions for how to productively reexamine and recraft personal stories
* Engaging tales and histories that celebrate the diversity of our collective past

* Fresh looks at the stories of heroes, heroines and villains of popular media from a new perspective
* Inclusive articles highlighting various sexualities, ethnicities and disabilities

And, if you happen to be a writer, you’ll find ideas to inspire subject matter for new and more inclusive projects all your own.

My name is Mark Carlson-Ghost. I’ve come to realize that my own life has been all about re-telling stories.

After receiving my Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Wayne State University over thirty years ago, I’ve been helping people reframe their life stories in ways intended to foster peace of mind and enable constructive change.

Along the way, I found that coming out as a gay man involved recrafting life stories all around, both for me and for my family. Coming out also motivated me to start re-visioning ancient tales and histories to better celebrate diversity in all its facets.

I encourage you to click on Articles that has a drop down menu of topics organized by groups: LGBT, Women’s History, Native American, etc. Clicking on the Conversations with the Serpent and Lavender White House links will enable you check out larger projects of mine as an author.

On a personal note, I am thrilled to be a husband 25 years into the most rewarding relationship of my life. Jason will be providing some pieces on his Lakota spirituality. The two of us share our St. Paul home with a cat named Zach who is steadfastly uninterested in these pursuits.

I am excited to share my thoughts with you and hear about your own. Please consider subscribing to receive updates when batches of new articles are uploaded. (I try to upload new material at least monthly). As thanks, I’ll send you, 26 small answers, a brief set of alphabet inspired insights I’ve learned over the years which others have found helpful.

Looking forward to what comes next!


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